Mediral Weight Loss Formula

Body image is very important in today’s world.  It’s all about appearances, how you look, act and behave.  If you haven’t got the perfect weight or height then it can make the difference between the job of your dreams and failure.  People are so acutely conscious of how they look that the beauty industry has become a multimillion dollar industry over the past decade.  There are also on the other hand, fast food joints at every nook and cranny.  Temptation is staring you right in the face almost every step of the way.  For people who love food, this can be a problem.

Obesity has become the number one disease in America today.  Some of the world’s fattest people live there, and all because they can’t resist temptation.  They try and lose weight, but diets just don’t seem to work.  So many diet plans are flooding the market that it becomes confusing about which to choose.  Among the top ones is the HCG diet.  It claims to make you lose weight without batting an eye lash.  Simple, effective and fast.  Isn’t that what every overweight person dreams of? Diets can be tricky and especially ones that involve taking medicine such as the Mediral HCG drops.

The Human Choriogonadotropin or HCG hormone is one that is produced during pregnancy.  It works by being released into the bloodstream of the pregnant mother as soon as she conceives.  This is the basis for most pregnancy tests.  The fat in the mother’s body is converted into calories for use by the foetus.  Theoretically it has thought to have the same effect on a body that is normally trying to lose weight by injection or consumption of drops or powder.  It was first discovered that it could be used for reducing weight in an experiment conducted in 1954.  Since then it has come a long way and now has become popular among weight loss diets.

It is important to know how this diet works in order to prove its successfulness or failure.  The HCG diet lasts from 3-6 weeks, where 500-600 calories per day are consumed.  This coupled with 125 IU of the hormone being consumed.  The duration of the diet depends upon the amount of weight loss that has occurred in the first 3 weeks.  This is a strictly high protein and no fat diet.  The HCG hormone works by increasing up metabolism while at the same time reducing hunger.  So while on a limited diet, the body utilizes fat stored within the body to maintain living.  This way excess fat is broken down and used or discarded completely depending upon the person’s body.

The benefits are many, rapid weight loss in just a short period of time.  The hormone comes in various forms so it’s convenient, you have mediral HCG drops, mediral weight loss formula which is powdered or HCG injections.  Of course like any treatment there are side effects to this as well.  Headaches, mild swelling, fatigue and weakness are some symptoms that users may suffer during the first few weeks.  The side effects are completely dependent upon what type of body structure the individual has.  One shouldn’t rush into this diet as this diet causes a huge strain to be put on a body that consumed, lets say, 4000-5000 calories per day.  In such cases people should be mentally and psychically prepared to go all the way if they really want to lose weight.

Another cautionary warning: the HCG hormone has not been FDA approved.  The FDA hasn’t clinically tested the hormone’s effectiveness in reducing body fat and doesn’t consider administering this hormone as a safe or effective way or losing weight.  A normal healthy diet and exercise should be the course taken.  Even so, a 500 calorie diet is guaranteed to make almost anyone lose weight!  Another thing to be taken into consideration is the placebo effect.  Scientists in 1954 found that when they gave one group of overweight people the HCG hormone and others the placebo, both groups reported to have almost the same results.  It was hard to prove that the HCG worked in any superior way.  It all came down to people’s relationships with food and how they thought about it.

When getting on any diet, it is important to consider the implications it entails.  While the HCG drops may make it seem like a piece of cake, reality isn’t that rosy.  There are drawbacks as well as advantages, as with any medication.  People can easily obtain these supplies online, where you can mediral HCG drops.

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