Mediral HCG Drops for Weight Loss

Staying healthy and fit is the norm today. People are now more and more conscious about their weight and appearance and can go to any lengths in order to achieve that perfect body. For some people, body image is everything. Actors and models have to have the best bodies in the business or it can be the end of the road for them. Even people who are not related to these fields professionally are now making great efforts to stay fit and healthy. Obesity is now increasing at an alarming rate and a new junk food joint at every nook and corner does not help solve the problem either.

Not everyone is a gym person. Some people cannot exercise as they just are too lazy or because they feel the gym is too expensive a place. For such people diets work wonders. But there are so many diets to follow and so many different combinations of food types that it is difficult to pick and choose one, let alone stick to it. One of the top diets that is becoming increasingly popular amongst many is the HCG diet. The reason why the HCG diet is so popular is because it is simple and fast and yet effective.

The HCG is actually a hormone. It is a pregnancy hormone that is administered to women who are infertile. Its use as a weight loss hormone has come into view only recently and is fast catching up. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The hormone is actually released in the bloodstream only by a pregnant woman and the presence of this hormone in the bloodstream or the urine is an indicator of pregnancy. The use of HCG for the purpose of weight loss came into the limelight only in 1954. Since then, the use of HCG has come a long way.

The HCG diet usually lasts for only 3-6 weeks. During this time, a person has to consume a very low calorie diet or VLCD. The number of calories consumed per day should not be more than 500. Depending on the weight that you lose in the first few weeks, this count may be increased or decreased. In addition to having a very low calorie diet it is also necessary to consume HCG. HCG can be given either in the form of injections of drops. Mediral HCG drops are becoming increasingly popular and are preferred over injections as a source of HCG for people who are on the HCG diet. Injections are painful and not everyone is comfortable taking so many injections. It is required that a person takes close to 23 injections at least over the course of 3-6 weeks. No patient will be comfortable taking so many injections no matter how fearless he is when it comes to the needle. Mediral HCG drops are therefore a more patient friendly solution.

Mediral HCG weight loss drops can be purchased over the internet. These drops are expensive and it is therefore important that you choose the dose of the drops wisely. The recommended dose for these drops is 125 IU but varies from person to person depending on the capacity of the person to consume calories and his lifestyle. Some people find it easier to control their hunger and are able to stick to the diet plan of 500 calories. For such people a lower dose of HCG should be enough. Some people crave for food all the time and for such people, a higher dose is recommended. Hence understand you capacity first and then choose the dose of the drops that you are going to purchase. The benefits of these drops are numerous but it is also important to remember that like all medicine these drops also have a lot of side effects that one must be aware of. Headache, nausea, vomiting and dizziness have been reported to be the most common side effects amongst patients. This diet actually puts a lot of strain on your body system and therefore it is important to think twice

Mediral HCG drops are not FDA approved. Though HCG has been FDA approved, its approval is only for the treatment of infertility in women and not for weight loss. Hence one must be extremely sure before taking on the HCG diet. There are so many other ways to lose weight that it is not really necessary to put your body through so much. Healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle and moderate exercise can also help you knock off those extra pounds.

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